Enrique Norten of Ten Arquitectos

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I will attend an architectural exhibit or go to a lecture. Recently, I had the privilege of attending  a preservation lecture by Enrique Norten. Of the buildings he has restored, the Chopo Museum in Mexico City was my favorite. I am always inspired when there is a combination of  old and new. His work was described as "alive never cold, urban yet light and elegant but great."

These images are of the preservation project completed by Ten Arquitectos.

This is an original cast iron structure that was shipped from Germany. It is the only cast iron building in Mexico City.

Today this building houses the Chopo Contemporary Art Museum. Mr. Norten  preserved the existing structure and added the new structure within the interior; this enabled the existing  building to become part of the museum's collection.

Here are some others projects  by Enrique Norten:

He has even designed a parking garage in Miami on Lincoln Road.

Enjoy your week.