How to make roasted plums

My favorite way to cook plums is to roast them. I prefer roasted plums to eating them raw because they have a deeper flavor. During this time of year, when plums are so plentiful, I always have a container of roasted plums handy. You can eat them plain, with yogurt, with oatmeal or with ice cream.

A few years ago a friend gave me this easy recipe:

Slice the plums

Add juice of one lemon

Sprinkle with nutmeg

Add sugar or agave nectar (optional)

Roast for 20-30 minutes at 350 degrees

Let cool and enjoy.

The Wall Street journal had an article A Plum Assignment in the September 1st weekend edition. Gail Monaghan suggests caramelizing plums. She includes a recipe for a Caramelized Plum, Rosemary and Polenta Pound Cake. The combination of the plums and rosemary sound interesting. I will try it out and let you know if it is a keeper.

Have a great week. X