The home is integral in your sense of self. You should be able to escape the chaos and stressors of the outside world and find sanctuary and rejuvenation in your space. I want my interiors to cultivate a sense of wellbeing and harmony. Nothing excites me more than an opportunity to create a space that is beautiful but also functional.

In 2012, I established a full service design firm that specializes in turn key projects in West Palm Beach, Florida. Before working with interiors, I nurtured my love of design by working with fashion industry icons such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, and Ralph Lauren.

My design philosophy centers around the wellness of my clients. I curate pieces both vintage and modern that embody this ethos. By favoring sustainable pieces made by craftsmen, I not only ensure that the client will have something unique, but timeless as well.

Last year I moved to New York City and now serve clientele in both markets. By living and working in New York, I have found new resources, showrooms, and artists that have further developed my work. Working in these two very different environments provides new challenges and opportunities.

When I approach a project, my main focus is collaboration with the client—I’m there to translate their vision into a reality. I use layers of colors and varieties of textures to capture the individuality of each particular project. My aesthetic sensibility and commitment to service has helped me illuminate spaces that exceed clients’ expectations.